Cross-Project Cloud SQL Connection with Private Service Connect and Terraform

In the rapidly evolving landscape of cloud infrastructure, establishing secure and efficient cross-project connections is paramount. This guide delves into setting up a cross-project Cloud SQL connection via Private Service Connect, juxtaposed with other methodologies such as Cloud VPN and Cloud SQL Auth Proxy for context.

Alternatives for Cloud SQL Connection:

  • Cloud VPN offers straightforward implementation but may suffer from bandwidth limitations impacting performance.
  • Cloud SQL Auth Proxy facilitates ease of connection and leverages IAM for authorization, yet it may pose scalability challenges and become cumbersome with a substantial number of SQL instances.
  • Private Service Connect stands out for its scalability and secure cross-project communication capabilities, albeit with a more complex initial setup and some limitations in SQL instance configuration via the GCP Console.

Setting the Stage:

Ensure you have Terraform (~> 5.7.0) and gcloud installed, and two GCP projects ready for this setup. We’ll use “Project A” for hosting a Cloud SQL MySQL instance and “Project B” for the networking components and Private Service Components, alongside a test instance.
The setup is available on GitHub:

Terraform Configuration:

Then, create a Cloud SQL MySQL instance in Project A with specific settings, including psc_config for Private Service Connect and a root user named “test”:

In Project B, establish the networking foundation with a VPC, subnet, Cloud NAT, and Cloud Router for internet access, necessary for the test instance to install MySQL client:

Set up the Private Service Connect components in Project B:

Implementation Steps:

  • Clone the GitHub repository.
  • Add a terraform.tfvars file with the necessary values.
  • Authenticate with gcloud and initialize Terraform.
  • Review and apply the Terraform plan.
  • Retrieve the MySQL user password and verify the connection on the test instance.

    For further insights and guidance, refer to Google Cloud’s official documentation on Cloud SQL with PSC.

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    Author: Atakan Tatlı, Senior Cloud DevOps Engineer at Oredata

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