The gaming industry has evolved in the past decades with great technological advancements, including hardware and software developments to process enriched-content graphics faster, coupled with an increased bandwidth and internet speed, to enable today’s high-resolution online multi-player games.

With so much real-time information, Big Data is certainly having a major impact on the gaming industry, as it enables game developers to use all the incoming data flow to make better game development and business decisions and create better game experiences. Gamers are segmented for marketing teams to target them more effectively.

For instance, gaming platforms create player profiles from their users that can be used for advertising new games and products directly.

Game developers and publishers have increasingly made use of big data to better understand gamer behavior and preferences. As user actions and interactions are assessed across multiple data dimensions, their profiling leads to an unprecedented level of optimization in game design, resulting in more immersive and engaging gaming experiences for players. 

Depending on the objective, Big Data insights may be monetized and used to provide the right incentives at the right time to increase game play time or enable the gamer to reach the next level or upgrade. In-game purchases may be cosmetic, boost skills or gain time. Other Big data use cases include:

•Daily metrics
•Game balance and player population metrics
•A/B testing
•Marketing optimization
•Bot detection


Improving Gamers’ experience

Big data analytics will tap into generated log files to determine the appropriate game difficulty level that is challenging enough for the user to pass while enjoying the game. The gaming experience is improved as players are able to act quickly based on their real skill level as it improves while playing.

Using an event-collection platform provides the necessary insights to enable gamers to get online benefits and boost their gaming experience, which would translate into an increase in game popularity, a larger audience and more in-game purchases.

In addition, as gamers chat in-game and relate their experience via social media, collecting and performing Smart Feedback Analytics will provide additional insight to game developers and help marketing teams in managing gamer communities.

Monitoring Gaming Ecosystem

With millions of concurrent users worldwide using different cloud regions, Game developers need to ensure there is minimal in-game lag, system errors or game crashes, which would lead to lost data and frustrated gamers. Big data analytics will help monitor the gaming data, network performance, data storage and provide performance visibility to Gamer Developers to quickly identify their games’ mistakes, isolate the cause of the problem during Beta or when a new patch hits the servers, and make adjustments on-the-fly to correct them.

Oredata will help your Gaming business to balance, test and monetize your games with our event-collection platform. Whether your model is F2P or P2P, we will ingest data in real-time to generate just in time insights and suggest actions based on gamer’s behavior. In addition, we provide social-media Smart Feedback Analytics to collect feedback and understand gamer’s opinions about your latest release, developments or upgrades.

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