Data Science

Use your potential to monetize data as an asset

AI models now serve to ease and expedite the processes in key areas such as inventory management, purchasing, finance and production, minimize routine work and thus rethink and redesign all our ways of doing business. 

We help facilitate key stakeholders to identify viable machine learning use cases based on current pain points, improve data quality, use data to improve their team’s processes, make better decisions, and contribute to larger data science and data monetization initiatives. Based on your strategic business objectives, we will develop a minimum viable machine learning model to demonstrate proof-of-concept modeling of a specific business use case.

OREDATA’s interdisciplinary team of machine learning and big data experts will conduct a high-level feasibility analysis relative to data set location, access, and characteristics, as well as IT infrastructure capabilities and limitations to build, train and deploy machine learning models at scale (both cloud and on-prem) that satisfies business metrics using MLOps principles, standards and best practices.

We build machine learning pipelines and personalized data products for empirical

decision-makers to steer their business and make better decisions. We manage infrastructure, testing and use machine learning and artificial intelligence to turn massive data streams produced into actionable insights such as a recommendation engine, dynamic micro segmentation, early warning and price prediction.

We will also help you to design and build data lakes that can handle the scale, agility, and flexibility required to combine different types of data and analytics approaches and use streaming data to gain real-time insight into customer activity.

We leverage TensorFlow and other ML frameworks to solve complex business challenges in areas of vision, text and video, recommendations, and forecasting, across several industries and support a range of on-prem and cloud platforms and tools such as Google Cloud Vertex AI, IBM Cloud Pak for Data, Dataiku, Rapidminer as well as open source alternatives while working in AI projects with our clients.

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