• Financial Services

    The banking sector is currently undergoing an innovation process that involves a profound digital transformation of its activities, which requires changes in its governance, processes and operations. Banks are shifting away from their traditional role to become technology companies in the financial services industry.

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  • E-commerce

    The latest technological developments have greatly transformed interactions between buyers and sellers. With the advent of smartphones, instant gratification has become the new norm and customers have grown accustomed to being “one click away” from gaining access to information or performing an online transaction.

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  • Gaming

    The gaming industry has evolved in the past decades with great technological advancements.

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  • Telecom

    The IT mindset of Telecom providers in the early 2000s was very cost-centric.

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  • Manufacturing

    With the advent of Industry 4.0, data availability in the manufacturing industry is ever increasing in terms of volume and in various formats, semantics, quality, such as production line sensory data, environmental data, machine tool parameters, etc.

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  • Retail

    With the advent of connected devices, sensors, and mobile apps, the amount of available data in the retail sector requires solution oriented Big Data tools and applications to address specific business challenges.

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  • Oil & Gas Sector

    There are many Big Data and AI use-case applications in the oil and gas industry.

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  • Public Sector

    Digitization is one of the main concerns of the public administration and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a key enabling technology in public services.

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