Google Cloud Managed Services

Our certified professionals are here to accompany for Cloud Transformation and enable your business to scale its IT organization, drive innovation, decrease costs and increase ROI.

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Why your business needs Managed Services

Your business needs are constantly evolving and Oredata’s Managed Services team offers comprehensive solutions for your IT outsourcing needs. 

Google Cloud also provides organizations with a vast range of possibilities and use cases. With so many options, configurations and changing requirements, there is certainly a need for better control and cost optimization of your cloud usage.

You can rely on OREDATA technology experts to provide you with IT advisory, cloud and data engineering to simplify complex problems, share ideas, methodologies, educate and support your team using best practices and guiding principles.  

We put great emphasis on building and sustaining long-term growth by establishing trust and taking ownership of the managed services we provide. Business outcomes are what matter to every organization as we assist you beyond one-time projects and deliverables on your unique digital journey to:

Decrease operational costs

Transform & Scale your IT environment

Accelerate core projects’ ROI

•Cloud Optimization

How can we help you?

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Focus on your business with Oredata Managed Services

Oredata’s team is experienced in managing cloud environments. We provide support to organizations looking to embrace a modern, cloud-native mindset and help them learn new architectural methodologies and scale your IT organization in an agile world.

We promote the digitalization of business operations and contribute to the enrichment of your value proposition by enabling digital services using the latest GCP Cloud Technology. Effective communication and data-driven decision-making across your organization requires proper data ingestion, transformation and visualization for you to maximize ROI and reduce operational costs.

Our flexible service models grant your business access to Google Cloud certified professionals to amplify your business potential, break out of the usual silos and empower your business with reliable data-driven decision making solutions to optimize business performance, build competitive advantage and foster long-term growth.

Our expert team will implement your compute, storage, and network infrastructure requirements in a personalized manner.

No need to spend a lot of time and money trying to authenticate, monitor, track down your data sources and configure your resources for access, backup, compute and storage. Instead, gain access to a fully transparent dashboard of your secure cloud usage and cost assignment.

Partner with Oredata’s Managed Services team and benefit from our expertise in optimizing Google Cloud usage, freeing your team to focus on what matters most – driving your business forward.

Cloud Optimization

Get the Best Google Cloud experience with Oredata’s Managed Services team. 

Oredata’s Managed Services team experts will help you transform your Google Cloud environment, ensuring it’s always running smoothly and securely. 

Focus on your core business instead of managing platforms

with Cloud Pros

Streamline your operations with Oredata’s Managed Services team of cloud experts. 

We’ll provide you with end-to-end solutions to optimize your cloud infrastructure.

Oredata will manage your cloud platform, monitor & operate environments, and help your team master the latest containers, serverless, IoT, and machine learning technologies.

Automate processes through intelligent workflows.

Comprehensive Cloud Solutions

Future-proof your business with Oredata’s Comprehensive Cloud Services.

We leverage the best available Google Cloud Platform tools to our customers to provide use-case driven data mining, machine learning and recommendation engines for real-time efficient decision-making

Unlock new opportunities and accelerate innovation.

Streamline Your Cloud Experience with Google Certified Managed Service Providers.

Oredata’s Managed Services for Google Cloud offer a comprehensive set of services to help businesses streamline their cloud operations and improve their security, flexibility, and scalability on the platform. With Google-certified experts, Oredata possesses extensive skills and knowledge of GCP and can assist with a range of cloud operations, including migration, data security, infrastructure and platform management, monitoring, optimization, backup and recovery, auditing, and more. 

Rely on Oredata’s Managed Services to improve your business security, flexibility, and scalability on Google Cloud Platform. Tap into industry experts’ know-how to bridge the gap between your business stands and where your vision will take it. 

Enable your business with the latest GCP tools to gain insights and accelerate development and procurement cycles, using only what you need, when you need it. Pay only for what you use and make the most out of your cloud experience.

Maximize Your Cloud Capabilities

At OREDATA, we offer a range of services to help businesses optimize their cloud infrastructure and improve their overall cloud experience and harness the full potential of your cloud investment. Whether you are looking to streamline your cloud operations, reduce costs, or gain insights from your data, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Cloud FinOps Services

Oredata offers Cloud FinOps services to its clients by combining its expertise in cloud finance and operations with a data-driven approach to help you optimize your cloud costs and achieve your cloud goals. Oredata’s comprehensive FinOps practice is based on the six key principles established by the FinOps Foundation, which we can help you implement step-by-step with our expertise and guidance.

•Offers budgeting assistance by helping clients set up cost allocation and shared cost processes, dashboards, and reports

•Provides cost optimization services through trend and variance analysis, forecasting, and anomaly detection using tooling

•Helps clients manage commitment-based discounts, license optimization, and rightsizing for cost savings

•Provides architecture modernization services to reduce cloud costs through optimization and right-sizing

•Establishes a FinOps culture and offers continual learning to help clients stay up-to-date on cloud financial management best practices

Cloud Architecture

An architecture built for success 

OREDATA’s team of technology experts understands the importance of a future-ready cloud architecture for the success of your business. We provide guidance to design, deploy, iterate, and improve your cloud computing solutions using a set of principles, practices, and technologies that ensure a scalable and flexible infrastructure to meet the dynamic needs of modern businesses. Our guidance optimizes your IT infrastructure based on your business objectives, allowing you to focus on your core business instead of managing platforms. We manage the integration of various cloud-based services and architect a big data process using platforms with hybrid/multi-cloud ecosystems. With our support, we handle your compute, storage, networking, and security requirements, ensuring your cloud architecture remains optimized and secure over time.

Cloud Cost Optimization

Maximize your cloud potential  

Cloud optimization is crucial to ensure businesses make the most of cloud resources while balancing cost and agility. OREDATA offers cloud optimization services to help businesses gain greater visibility into cloud usage and costs, enabling them to forecast and plan more effectively as they scale up. Their team deploys and manages cloud projects, optimizes business performance using the right mix of cloud services, and provides guidance and analysis to reduce the risk of downtime. With OREDATA’s help, businesses can pay only for the resources they need and achieve better cost predictability and budgeting.

Cloud Migration

Seamlessly migrate to the cloud

As a Premier Google Cloud Partner with Cloud Migration Specialization, we offer an end-to-end migration program that enables businesses to accelerate their digital transformation, increase reliability, and simplify operations. With Google’s secure and open infrastructure cloud, OREDATA helps decouple IT teams from laborious tasks and enables them to focus on innovation and other high-impact projects. We bring together multiple tools from Google Cloud Platform to optimize cloud usage and cost, lift and shift, and modernize businesses using Google Compute Engine & Google Cloud Storage, GKE & Anthos.


Data & Analytics

Unlock the power of your data

We help medium and large-scale enterprises to effectively harness data and analytics for data-driven decision-making. As a Premier Google Cloud partner, we provide data migration, data flow, data lake, warehousing, AI models, and analytics services. Our seasoned team of data engineers and scientists design and build data lakes that handle scale, agility, and flexibility, while optimizing operational costs. We offer a data management platform, batch and real-time ETL transformations, data offloading and recovery mechanisms, to streamline processes and identify potential business opportunities, improve customer service and deliver personalized experiences.

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