Hayyakom, Doha! New Google Cloud region now open in Qatar

May 22, 2023       8:30 AM–6:00 PM GMT+3       Qatar National Convention Centre, Doha

    I would like to discuss:

    Google Cloud is coming to Qatar to cater to demand from enterprises in the region for sustainable development and deliver high-performance, low-latency services and products. It will allow Qatar’s government and local users to keep their data on-shore.

    The formal launch event for the region on May 22 coincides with the company’s annual cloud summit, Google Cloud Next and will help the Qatari government achieve its Qatar National Vision 2030 plan.

    Google Cloud has been active in Qatar for the last 2 years to modernize legacy systems and drive deeper adoption of AI and machine learning, working closely with businesses, communities and government officials in Qatar to bring enterprise and consumer ecosystems closer together – across search, YouTube, cloud – to deliver more powerful customer experiences, quickly and securely.

    Oredata is proud to invest and partake in Qatar’s digital transformation to enrich Google Cloud’s ecosystem with a seasoned team of cloud architects, data engineers and data scientists. As a Premier GCP partner, we provide the right support and skills development needed geared towards local businesses success to scale globally and more enriched low-latency experiences to enhance local quality of life.

    At launch, Qatar’s new region will provide customers with more choices to addresses their increasing needs to store and analyze data while maintaining digital sovereignty. Google Cloud services will include Compute Engine, Cloud Run, Cloud SQL, Google Kubernetes Engine, and Spanner, among others.

    At Oredata, we aim to accompany each customer in their unique journey to hybrid and multi-cloud environments. The new Qatar region will offer three availability zones to provide the necessary capacity and protection against disruptions and enable digital transformation and innovation opportunities using AI/ML and more.

    Join us at the Google Cloud Qatar Region Launch and learn what Oredata and the power of Google Cloud can do to scale your business.

    “Whether it’s leveraging GCP AI/ML capabilities to gain insights and make data-driven decisions, or having the flexibility of an open-platform that can adapt to changing market and regulatory conditions, the new Qatar region will empower customers to modernize their infrastructure and make the most of their data to enhance overall business efficiency while maintaining the highest security, data residency, and compliance standards.” says Ömer Faruk Kurt, Oredata CEO.


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    Five Key Technologies Shaping Digital Transformation

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    Transform your Cybersecurity with Front line Intelligence and Cloud Innovation

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    Competitive advantages of ML/AI

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    Google Partners’ Role in Transformation

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