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Why Migrate to Cloud?

Owning infrastructure isn’t a differentiator, it’s a burden with staff strained by laborious tasks related to infrastructure procurement and maintenance of old legacy systems that do not add value to the business and prevent from scaling with ease, forcing enterprises to pay for over provisioning for peak usage.

Forget about managing infrastructure.

No more hassle with storage & compute capacity

No more outdated systems & performance limitations

No more up-front spending

No more business silos & data blindness

No more data loss pain

Companies need approaches that reap the cost, efficiency, agility, and innovation benefits of cloud in a way that returns value continuously and avoid vendor lock-in.

While your traditional workloads are running on-prem with legacy systems, you can rely on Oredata experts to accompany you in your IT infrastructure modernisation & migrate your workloads to the Cloud to enhance and optimize them. Every environment is unique in many ways and there are multiple challenges to consider:

Technologies Workloads
Various SLAs
Staff and Budget Constraints
Compliance & Security
Capacity Demands
Licensing & Support
Data Center Contracts
Refresh cycles
Modernize your IT infrastructure with Oredata

Get ready to deliver new customer experiences, redesign business models & transform your business with Digital Transformation initiatives powered by Cloud. Oredata team is here to provide guidance on your on-premise to cloud or cloud to cloud migration such as Cloudera, AWS, or Microsoft Azure.

Experience the speed, performance, scale, efficiency, scalability & security benefits of Google Cloud with VM Migration and help decouple IT staff from laborious tasks, so they can focus on innovation and other high impact projects. Enable your business with the latest GCP tools to gain insights and accelerate development and procurement cycles, using only what you need, when you need it.

Scale at will
Store securely with limitless capacity
Integrate & transform your data
Gain insights to predict & recommend what’s next
Track your business in real-time with minimal latency
Visualize your data across the board
Automate your processes & gain in productivity
Maximize your ROI with data-driven decisions
Pay for what you use. Billed by the ms

We will help assess your environment, plan your cloud architecture and migration plan and implement it. Once your Data & VMs are on the cloud, we’ll help you continue their transformation with increasingly more modern technologies, like ML and AI to reduce costs, create value, drive innovation, improve efficiency and iIncrease productivity:

•Scale globally while increasing reliability & decreasing latency. Simplify your operations and product deployment at your rhythm

•Integrate, analyze and process data with any tool or persona to enable fast, broad-based analysis and visualization of data

•Discover, manage, and secure data across varied stores and locations to break silos and deliver complete analysis

•Ingest any volume of data from any source in batch or real time through native connectors and streaming capabilities

Accelerate your digital transformation with Google’s “Secure and Open Infrastructure Cloud”

As Oredata, we provide data migration, data flow, data lake, warehousing, etc. and provide AI models & analytics to enable our customers to perform interactive business analysis and deliver customized use-cases such as demand planning, predictive-preventive maintenance, fraud management and customer lifetime value analytics by bringing together multiple tools from Google Cloud Platform all while optimizing cloud usage and cost. Lift & Shift, Optimize & Modernize using Google Compute Engine & Google Cloud Storage, GKE & Anthos.

As a Premier Google Cloud Partner, Oredata provides an end-to-end migration program that lowers-risk, controls transition cost, and is best-practice-guided to help customers simplify and accelerate their path to success.

Deliver Clarity

Understand your IT environment with data-driven discovery and analytics, receive a roadmap with timeline, costs, resources, risks and gain confidence with a transparent transition plan and cost proposal.

Provide Expertise

Migrate with confidence through training for your personnel, best Google Cloud practices delivered by Oredata, including blueprints, governance, security and cloud operations.

Manage Cost

Reduce migration costs through flexible proposals that meet your budget with targeted cloud consumption discounts.

Reduce Risk

Reduce your cloud transition risk with Oredata, a certified Premier Google Cloud Partner and proven technical and operational expertise. 

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