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One of the most important aspects of big data is the ability to visualize the data in a way that it is understandable for (senior) management of an organization. Visualizing data will help them understand the data and find new patterns and insights. If your organization is able to gain valuable insights with interactive visuals, you can be one step ahead of your competition. A big data visualizer can help with creating these important insights.
A big data visualizer should be a creative thinker who understands User Interface design as well as other visualizations skills such as typography, interface design, user experience design and visual art design. This will give the big data visualizer the skills to turn abstract information from data analyses into appealing and understandable visualizations that clearly explain the results of the analyses.
A big data visualizer needs to understand how big data analyses are done and he or she needs to have the necessary programming skills to actually build the visualizations. A background in computer science can help a big data visualizer better understand what is meant. A big data visualizer should have a solid background in using source control, testing frameworks as well as agile development practices to create and build compelling data visualizations as well as lead and advice management on how the visualizations work. A big data visualizer should be able to tell a comprehensible story from the big data analyses; one that can be understood by the decision makers within an organization.
Mapping data is a difficult process of transforming relational data into a graph. A big data visualizer should be able to use metadata, metrics as well as being able to use color, size and position to highlight, group and set-up a hierarchy in the graphics. A big data visualizer should be able to develop visualizations that attract the user to play with it and interact with the graph.
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