About Us

Who are we?

You’ve got data. Lots of data. Human, machine, business and interaction-generated data. More and more becomes available every second. At OREDATA, we provide end-to-end big data and analytics solutions and services that transforms you into a data-driven business to increase your revenue, improve your efficiency, and create the most compelling experience for your customers.


Our Vision

We encourage our employees to achieve their best. We engage in sustainable practices, anticipate the needs of our customers and deliver products with quality. We aim to become the leading provider of analytics solutions converting broad range of data into insightful information. To achieve this, we are committed in conducting fundamental research and driving innovation in the field of big data.

What are we doing?

We provide the next generation analytics platform to uncover the business opportunities emerged from the explosion of structured transactional and unstructured social media data. OREDATA enables its customers to perform interactive business analysis on big data by providing them with a platform that combines data integration, data transformation and data visualization layers.

We offer big data solutions that meet the needs of our clients in many industries. We help them excel in changing market conditions by exploring new use cases, better understanding their customers and taking actions based on OREDATA insights.


Our Values

Our values are to ensure that OREDATA will continue to be perceived as one of the greatest places to work in the Big Data space.

  • Teamwork and Collaboration: Our seamless teamwork is the foundation for excellence in customer engagements and internal relations.
  • Innovative: OREDATA’s reputation is built on bringing breakthrough developments to market ahead of the competition. We are committed to increasing our product range by investing in our research and development capabilities; one of the main engines of our growth.
  • Customer Driven: We are always honest, inspire trust and demonstrate quality and integrity by delivering on our promises to clients and partners.
  • Trustworthy: We hold ourselves and each other responsible for everything we do and respect the views and needs of others.

Since there’s so much data out there, good intuition is necessary to set priorities for what to look for, what matters to the customer, and how behaviors are changing over time.